Welcome to Our Lady’s Victory Garden

We are excited to launch “Our Lady’s Victory Garden” on March 25, 2022. Spring has just begun and we hope to encourage many families and individuals to put in a Victory Garden this year. It has always been a blessing to have a kitchen garden but given the world events it is even more important to take the dive into gardening. We will be taking you along with us as we garden all four seasons. We have traditionally used almost no pesticides and very little fertilizers relying on old techniques that involve improving soil quality with organic matter from your yard and kitchen.  This is particularly important as the large farmers are struggling to find accessible and affordable fertilizers this year. Those on tiny pieces of land can use alternative methods to improve the soil.

We plan our garden using companion planting principals to help improve the health of the plants and limit disease and harmful insects. Certain plants have a beneficial and even protective effect on other plants. We share our exact garden plan with you so you can join us on this journey. We are providing videos to accompany our posts. Thus far we have released videos on planning your garden, growing mushrooms and winter gardening in a greenhouse. In the coming week we hope to release several more including at least one video on starting your own vegetables and annuals from seed. 

One of the joys of gardening is sharing your garden with neighbors. So often friends will visit and there is much joy in taking them on a tour of the garden and explaining how we grow our veggies. We also love visiting our neighbor’s garden right next to us and seeing what she has planted. In this you may find that you get to know your neighbors much better through starting a garden. Our videos are not like the quick how to videos you might find on the internet which explain how to grow one type of plant. Instead we walk you through our day to day experiences for all four seasons in growing our food. We are grateful that you have come for a visit. Many blessings in the garden.