Our Lady's Victory Garden

Growing Fruits and Veggies on a Quarter Acre

Find the joy that comes through a simple way of life. See the bounty that can be grown by working the soil in your own backyard! 

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Let's Make Your Garden Beautiful And Green!
Pests and Critters

Get to know the preferences of your local critters. Squirrels are not interested in leafy greens. Tomatoes often need to be netted.

Succesion Planting

When space is limited growing vegetables that follow earlier plantings maximizes yields.


Plant a mixture of plants that can be eaten fresh but also ones that can keep or be preserved.


Make use of leaves, grass clippings and table scraps to enrich your soil.


Enjoy spaghetti but are trying to limit carbs. Try baking a spaghetti squash and using the inside flesh to substitute for pasta and add your favorite tomato sauce.

Companion Planting

Working with nature and planning a garden that pairs plants that like to grow together helps them thrive.

Gardening is our way of life

Know how your food is grown and choose what you want to eat. 

When to plant

We will walk you through when to plant and when to expect a harvest. Click to learn more.

Soil Prep

Soil quality is key to a successful garden. We share our missteps and lessons learned in the garden.

Beginning your plants from seed

We grow almost all of our veggies from seed in Our Lady's Victory Garden. Click to learn more.


Have a fallen maple tree or stump. Inoculate your wood with mushroom plugs. Click to learn more.

Types of Veggies
Fruit Trees
Berry Bushes

Which things to grow?

Below are a list of a few items you can add to your quarter acre homestead. Each item has benefits. 

It is hard to imagine a backyard garden without tomatoes. These can even be grown in relatively poor soil. If you live in a climate with cold winters start these inside 4 weeks before your last frost.
Tender Annual
Bush green beans are a rewarding vegetable to grow as they have few diseases that ruin the plants and they reliably produce beans in 60 days.
Green Beans
Parsley is a great companion plant to tomatoes. The first year it will have the foliage we desire to harvest and the second year it will flower and go to seed. Best to start new plants each year.
Butternut squash is a must in our garden as it is a heavy producer and the squash can keep up to a year. They do best trellising and surprisingly are strong enough not to drop their fruit even when the squash grow large.
Butternut Squash
Let's Beautify Your Garden Together!

Do flowers have a place in Our Lady's Victory Garden?

Absolutely! Flowers not only bring color to the garden but they play an important role.

The following perennials are particularly loved by bees: Bee Balm, Anise Hyssop, and Russian Sage. 

Yes. One of our favorites are nasturtiums. There are several varieties one being a trailing variety and the other a more compact variety. Flowers and leaves are edible. 

Yes. Marigolds and tomatoes are companion plants. Marigolds help protect tomatoes from harmful root-knot nematodes in the soil. 

Let's Bring Nature Into Your Lovely House

Aloe is a wonderful plant to grow indoors. It does well in a south facing window and can be used for skin wound healing.