Crunchy and drought tolerant green which can be harvested midday without wilt.

Nutritional, Culinary & Medicinal Uses

Culinary: Purslane can be used in salads, stews, dip, and with meat or with spaghetti. It has a taste similar to spinach.

Nutritional Value: Purslane contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, and omega 3 fatty acids [1]. It also contains anti-oxidants such as vitamin A, C, E, and glutathione [2].

Medicinal Uses: The vitamin A can help with eye health and the immune system. Vitamin C can help one’s collagen and blood vessels. Both beta-carotene and glutathione have anti-cancer benefits [3].

How to Cultivate and Harvest

Planting: Purslane is often quite ubiquitous as a weed; however, if it must be cultivated, it can be planted in a wide range of lighting conditions, and in a variety of soil qualities. It is not really bothered by pests or diseases. It is very hardy and drought resistant. It even grows in sidewalk cracks Do not, however plant the seeds more than an in inch and a half into the ground [4].

Harvesting: The plant will regrow if the stems are cut back to within three inches of the crown. Otherwise, as much of the plant as is desired can be cut off for consumption [4].

Note: As this plant is notorious for growing in cracks in pavement or other such places, be aware of pesticides or road chemicals.


One can certainly dry these in a dehydrator at either 135 F or 95 F. One can also hang purslane upside down to dry in a cool, dark, dry place. Remember to store the leaves in a sealed jar [5].


Purslane is believed to have originated in a hot and dry climate due to its fleshy, water-storing stems that are especially adapted to an arid climate. It existed in North America before the Columbian Exchange. It also existed in Italy during the time of the Romans [6].

Purslane growing in driveway crack low res


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